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October 21st ~ 28th

We are moving into Scorpio season next week, as first the Sun and then Mercury shift into this sign. Scorpio can be a force to reckon with, as was evidenced this past week as the co-rulers of Scorpio joined forces in formidable Capricorn. However, Scorpio can also be a magical and mystical sign, with the ability to transform even the most formidable problems into an asset...

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Astrology Salons


Next New Moon Workshop

October 30th

A cozy way to catch up with the Astro Weather.  If you are interested in participating in these or future Workshops, you can contact me and send me a note.

 The Cost is only $20

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When reading your horoscope, it's helpful to read your Rising sign as well.  The calculator uses a 24 hour clock, therefore if you are born at 3:30 PM, type in 15:30.