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Welcome to the web site of Lauren Howard Coleman, a Level IV Certified Consulting Astrologer. I do readings in person in New York City, by Skype, Facetime and Phone. Please feel free to contact me to set up an appointment.

A New Moon in Capricorn

January 12th ~ 19th

On Tuesday we have a New Moon at the end of the sign of Capricorn, and on the day of the New Moon there will be a total of 6 planets in Capricorn... that's a whole lot of Capricorn! When the prevailing weather is so overwhelmingly one sign, as it is now, there is nothing to do but embrace it. The path of Capricorn requires stamina, determination, faith and deep strength in order to reach its goal and destination. This is not a path for the weak of heart. It is challenging. But can also be extremely rewarding.  

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