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A Super New Moon

May 26th ~ June 2nd

There was a Super New Moon on Thursday. And even if we did not get to see it in all its glory, nevertheless it would have been felt in the tides of the oceans, and mankind. And if you did not get to make any New Moon intentions, there is still time to do so over the next few days.

We are currently being plagued by a difficult aspect between reckless and reactive Mars, and judgmental Saturn. Together this is a toxic mix. We have already seen some of its negative effects. However, Mars can also be something of a catalyst for positive reform and evolutionary trends. This is because of the prevailing Saturn/Uranus trine which is approaching a Grand Trine with the North Node over the next few weeks.

Another transit to pay attention to next week is when Venus moves into the radical and excitable electromagnetic field of Uranus. Anything and everything could happen when these two join forces. Be prepared to see a few rats abandon ship over the next few days. Could be interesting. Read more by clicking below: 


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May 25th, 2017

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